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Frequently Asked Questions Bitcoin Trading

Why trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are among the most interesting assets on the market. The price changes quickly. Investors are eager to buy or mint cryptocurrencies. Both ways are complicated and expensive. Libertex offers a cost-efficient way of trading Bitcoin. You can trade both on the growth of Bitcoins and on the rise in their price.

How to trade Bitcoin on Libertex?

Choose Bitcoin from a list of tools. Adjust the graph. According to your preferences, you can choose different ways of viewing the graph. Analyze the price trend. Do you think the price will rise? Submit a buy order. Do you think the price will drop? Open a sell order.

How to understand the direction of the price?

To understand the direction of the price, there is no 100% sure way, but here are some tips. On a screen with the Bitcoin chart, there is a chart of the sentiment of the traders. You can follow the mass or move in the opposite direction. It could help you make a decision.

How to start an operation?

After choosing the direction, depending on your prediction, press the BUY or SELL button. You will see the advanced settings of your operation. Set the amount of your trade, a multiplier and perform the trade. That’s all. After reaching the desired profit, don’t forget to close the trade.

What is a multiplier?

The multiplier represents an increase in your trading volume. Imagine opening an operation with € 10 and a multiplier of 5. Your investment is € 10, but with the volume of your operation it will be 5 times greater, that is € 50.

How to reduce the risks?

To reduce your trading risks, we offer tools like Stop Loss and Take Profit. You can set these parameters directly on the operation screen. Both of these tools automatically close your operations at the level you set. Decide how much you want to risk and set the stop loss to that level.

How to withdraw funds?

Go to the wallet tab and click the «Withdraw funds» button. Indicate the payment method you prefer: Credit card, bank transfer or Skrill. Submit a withdrawal request and you will receive your money in 24 hours.

Why choose Libertex?

Libertex is a platform for different devices that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, currency pairs, metals and energy products without hidden fees. Registration is immediate and guarantees you access to a personal portal for managing your account from a mobile device or from a desktop of any type. Try it now!

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